the dangerous class

by end

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the sadist 01:40


I. the dangerous class is the new album by end. five years in the making, it is 17 tracks of audio madness bound together by themes of sex, drugs, and rebellion. a wild mix of live instrumentation, programmed electronics, and collaged sample fragments, the dangerous class is the soundtrack to a world of wayward youth given to deviance, chemical transcendence and violent transgression.

II. if there was ever a point that the communists and the capitalists could agree on, it was that the dangerous class - the lumpenproletariat - was of no use to the future. criminals, petty con-men, social parasites and hooligans, they deserved only dismissal or imprisonment. an unfortunate remnant of the past order to be swept away in the forward march of history. but of course, now - as those two great behemoths of the 20th century have become almost indistinguishable from each other - we are all, increasingly, become criminals. you are a criminal when you download music. you are a criminal when you ingest forbidden substances. you are a criminal when you try to do anything other than the expressly permitted. and you are a criminal when you protest this very order. in the new world, we are all lumpenproles.

III. the dangerous class is stitched together from the detritus of a century of recorded music, rampaging its way through countless sounds and styles - one moment it is double-time drums accompanying glitched-out rockabilly, the next swinging jazz scat overtop dirty, blown-out synths. almost no musical genre is left unexplored - surf, garage rock, speed metal, big band horn numbers, speak-easy jazz, techno thumpers, organ dirges, chamber music, bollywood sitar psychedelia, string ensembles, groovy lounge pieces and more. all of it woven into catchy pop-tunes where sunshine-voiced singers belt out infectious melodies while craggy old voices weave a narrative of decadence and forbidden pleasures.

IV. end is a little band out of new york city. they're a noisy mix of electronics, garage rock, and old-time swing. they've worked on records with snog and messer für frau müller, remixed foetus, kaada, and the icarus line, and toured all over the globe with the likes of fantomas, melt banana, and jason forrest. the dangerous class is their newest album and is available now on hymen records.

"you are not born dangerous class. you become so the moment you cease to acknowledge the values and constraints of a world from which you have broken free: the necessity of wage-labour." --alice becker-ho

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hymen records ¥778


released September 17, 2009

Due to an mishap at the pressing plant the tracklisting on the original CD does not correspond to the tracks on cover. The tracklisting on this digital version on Bandcamp is in correct order as intended by the artist.


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